Thomas Freiberg

* 03/06/1962



Very early on, during his childhood,

discovered Thomas Freiberg his passionate interest in nature. The recent biodiversity, 

as well as the fossil world of

glacial sediment fascinate him to this day ...


He initially trained as a taxidermist.

From the artistic side certainly looking at a very nice job.

Thomas Freiberg are live animals, of course, much rather, which is why he now actively committed to the conservation of nature. For a while he worked as a civil servant with the  Deutsche Telekom AG.

Today, Thomas Freiberg estimates very happy,

to say of himself that he just the doing,

what makes him really happy ...


namely, ... to keep his love of nature in the photo proof!





Thomas Freiberg's father taught him,

how to develop in the dark room movies and photos

and of course, what joy can prepare it.

In high school he had then visited a photo AG

and learned from the Father basics of photography

passed on to his classmates.

Just reflect over 40 years of accumulated experience

today reflected in its nature and landscape shots.

Aesthetics, as well as a high degree of precision are the mix that he demanded of himself,

to an inner satisfaction in his work as

Nature and landscape photographer to gain ...